Day: October 8, 2017

The Top 5 Interior Design No-No’s

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An example of terrible interior design. This kitchen looks like a dungeon.

What makes good interior design? This question is very subjective since there exists a saying which goes like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The interior beauty too is subjective to factors such as the client’s vision and the designer’s vision. It has been commonly agreed upon that regardless of the effectiveness of the company’s design, it should be able to deliver some both functional and beautiful interior design. In the current world, the use of space smartly is very crucial. It is very vital that any of the hired interior designer now the better usage space to the last bit.

The interior designing, in a nutshell, is some marriage of some function and form. It also has some high traditional and modern. We have been able to see some various structures which most house condos and still have some influences from the Zen-like and Asian design interiors. It is a

hard task to point at some good interior design. Hence, the following can make up some bad interior design. When you see the listed things below in some designer’s pro folio, it is advisable that you avoid booking them otherwise you can be disappointed at the end.

Poor Color Combinations

Some poor color matching becomes a rookie mistake. There are various types of colors which clients can fall in love with. However, it the mainly the task of the designer to work on them and come up with the best combination. You can also be able to try out on Walls of some surface which is also a suitable method of checking that the work given to a certain client is due for such a time as specified.

No Color

The lack of color in a room gives it some sterile and bland look as if there was effort given. There is no harm in trying some eggshell or beige color if there is a complementing accent typing or even come along with it

Inappropriate Accents

Accents which are too fussy or are not able to match, tend to look cluttered then moved from the overall vision. The “décor should flow seamlessly.” according to the top interior designers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Impractical Items

The first step to consider is what is put in your house should be practical. This will help in the enhancement of the good looks in the living room. However, it is not recommended when you have some children in the room. Also, you can be in a position to accommodate a dining table for six, an ornate one, a larger and no matter how beautiful it is; it will result in some headaches in the long run.

Cookie-Cutter Design

The primary reason as to why you would like an interior designer is that he or she takes your vision and you in person then can bring it out in your home. If you have a feeling that an interior resembles some display in the department store, it is advisable that you look for someone who will be able to add some personal touches.

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