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11 of the Best Bathroom Home Renovation Ideas

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Are you contemplating renovating your bathroom? Whether you were thinking about installing a new toilet or sink with plenty of counter space, selecting the design that is right for your style is hard. Doing it yourself can be very liberating. Your bathroom can look beautiful again. So, if you are ready, here are 11 bathroom renovation ideas for you to consider.

1. Contemporary Bathroom Designs That Make A Statement

Adding a vanity to your bathroom has many advantages. Besides the appeal to the eye, it can give you more storage options and added space. If you decide to add a counter, you instantly have an increased amount of counter space. You can also place double sinks, so your time in the bathroom is relaxing and free from a limited amount of elbow room.

You can choose between a vanity that has a countertop or is without it. Either way, whenever you walk into the bathroom, your eyes will settle onto that vanity so be careful when picking out the material you’d like. Marble or quartz works well in a bathroom setting.

Whatever your style is, it is wise to consider important details such as the colors and finishing. If you need a lot of storage, a wall mounted counter gives you that underneath the counter.

Bonus tip: Pedestal sinks are great for a smaller sized bathroom. They still look stylish why not taking up a huge amount of space you don’t have.

2. Elegant Bathroom Tiles That Save Time Without Sacrificing Style

Installing tile has never been easier. Smart Tiles are a tile that you simply peel off and stick in the desired place. The adhesives peel without any hassle, and they can be used to tile bathroom walls or floors. You can play around with funky design patterns or go with a marble tile that suits multiple style types such as contemporary or traditional.

3. Refreshing Toilets And Bidets That Offer More Savings And A Sprintz Of Luxury

To keep utility costs low, consider the option of a toilet that is water-efficient. We can help with the selection of the best ones, as well as a seat that fits your bottom well. – We can recommend whether a round seat or an elongated one is the better fit for you to sit on. Also, the guide tells you how to install the toilet.

A bidet can make you feel like you are a part of the royal family. Plus, it keeps your bum thoroughly clean. You can have a detachable and or the attachment itself.

Bonus tip: Now you can clean your toilet without ever touching the bowl. The American Standard’s Acti-Clean self-cleans the toilet by pressing a button. There are two cycles. One is for a quick clean, and the other focuses on deeper cleansing, rounding out the cleaning cycle at 10 minutes or so.

4. Innovative Shower Panels And Shower Heads To Start Your Morning Right

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in one of those five-star hotels everyone morning? That’s not possible, but you’re at home design can make it feel that way. Rain shower heads give a hint of an actual raindrop, but with more pressure. Are you craving a touch of color? Lights with LED indications of whether the water temperature is hot or cold are available.

A wall mount panel gives you multiple setting options and an extendable shower arm that allows you to reach all over for the highest cleansing.

5. Beautiful Bathtubs With More Space For Soaking

These days, everyone could benefit from a bath after they return home. There are several types of tubs to find your perfect one to relax in. There are soaker tubs, whirlpool tubs, or freestanding tubs. An added stylish decor of a clawfoot tub will have you spending all your free time in the bathroom. Jacuzzi makes the whirlpool tubs that shoot out jets of water to soothe and comfort your hurting muscles.

Bonus tip: Get a towel warmer so that you can stay heated up when you get out of the tub.

6. Polished Bathroom Faucets That Add A Subtle Flourish

Choosing the right fixture for your faucet can make or break the perfect bathroom design. Waterfall faucets are very popular because of the illusion of a spa. Whichever faucet you go with, make sure the consistency runs from the tub to the sink to the shower, so that it pulls the entire design together.

Bonus tip: Look at our designer brand collections from Moen, Kohler, Delta, Grohe.

7. Crisp, Classic Bathroom Sinks That Add A Splash of Charm

Having a drastic change is not always necessary. Simple hints of an upgraded feature can punch a big punch and make your bathroom look more expensive than it actually is. If you are more keen to the minimalist design, vessel sinks offer a contemporary look that lacks in bulk but not in the looks. An undermount sink has a beautiful design and draws the attention directly to it.

8. Large Or Oversized Bathroom Mirrors That Expands Your Space

A small space will look large when you add in an oversized mirror. It stands to brighten and enlarge a compacted spacing, appearing as though the room is big. Not to mention how much easier it is to get ready for the day when you can clearly see what you are working with. For applying makeup, an adjustable mirror works wonders.

9. Spacious Bathroom Cabinets To Keep Your Toiletries Tidy And Organized

Where do you store your toilet paper and towels? They have to go somewhere, right? You can put a storage unit overtop of the toilet or on the wall. If you are working with a small amount of space, a medicine cabinet with a mirror on the front can open up and give more lighting to space.

10. Illuminating Light Fixtures That Let Your Creativity Shine

This is where you can really get creative. Lighting is not created equal. Different bulbs will define the bathroom, much like we discussed with faucet and other fixtures. You will reflect, literally, from the lighting you choose.

11. Distinctive Bathroom Hardware And Accessories That Will Pull Your Look Together

The finishing touch of any projects truly lies in the small details that you place. You have to make sure that it goes with everything else you selected, while also standing truly on its own. Basic, straightforward accessories are for the contemporary styled bathroom while Damask patterns go with bathrooms that are styled with traditional designs.


Use our suggestions and expertise to design the very best bathroom to fit your style and needs. Share with us what you came up with on our social media sites. We love to see photos of the finished products.


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